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"We are a family owned honest, professional car buying service with no hidden–fees (try that somewhere else) and always 100% free towing, guaranteed. We buy all types of cars, SUVs and trucks.  Our car buying service is all about selling your car safely and always for cash unless you prefer a cashier’s check.  We like to see pictures of the cars if possible and we always need a VIN number even if we’re buying a junk car, it’s nice to have.

Buying Cars For Cash in Chicago

The process of selling your car or truck to a service like ours is painless and is done within a few minutes.  We always have cash when buying cars and trucks and we usually try to fix them up and resell them if possible.  If your auto is beyond help, then we either send them directly to a salvage yard in Chicago or in Cook County.  You will get more for your car if you have a title, but if you have lost your title but can prove who you are and that we can run your VIN to see you as the owner, then we’re still happy to buy the car from you.

It’s pretty common to get burned in the car business, you know that but we’re confident you’ve just discovered the reason why we’re Chicago’s first choice when it comes to selling your car for the most cash,  Just call us anytime from 9AM to 9PM Monday thru Saturday and 9 to 1 on Sunday and we’re happy to purchase your car, truck or SUV.

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